Gameplay Features

World Class Art & Design:

Our senior experts at Gianty Inc. use a versatile combination of Spine, Photoshop, After Effect, and Unity to design and upgrade all visual components that make up Cryptia. WoC's graphic design is overall an explosion of colors and action-packed animation, leaving you breathless at every turn.

Cryptocurrency-Based Training Dojo:

Unlock and strengthen your adventurer's special skills at our state-of-the-art training dojo. What sets our dojo apart from other games' character-enhancing facilities is how the efficacy of a training session fluctuates alongside the exchange rate of real-world cryptocurrency. Choose a type of cryptocurrency with which you wish to associate your training session, and hold them in until the coin's price substantially increases to get your money-worth of a transcended super-adventurer!

Guild War:

Guild war is WoC’s largest PvP event, in which guilds compete with one another over the rights to manage and operate Cryptia’s ruins. All ruin exploration within the proximity of the guild war will be timed - whichever guild reigns victorious from a ruin the quickest during the running duration of a guild war will earn complete ownership of a ruin

Team Ruins Exploration:

The exploration of ruins is carried out by the Rogue-lite game system, allowing players to experience new challenges no matter how many times they reenter a ruin.

As you step into a quest, you will be faced with a multitude of obstacles that diversify your gaming experience, such as fighting unique monsters, decoding mind-bending encrypted clues, and engaging in back-breaking special events. With each successful exploration, you will gain a treasure from the civilization of magicians hidden in the ruins. These treasures are irreplaceable NFTs and can be freely bought and sold on the Marketplace, or used as special weapons and spellbound attributes in upcoming quests.

PvP tournaments:

Prove your superiority over other players by participating in the PvP tournament. Upgrade your heroes, pick out the best combination, and combat fellow exploring teams to showcase your physical and intellectual omnipotence. Those who rise to the top will be rewarded with the hottest, most sought-after personal and guild rewards

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