The Heroes

  1. Races:

  • Humans: The most developed race in the Cryptia universe. Highly fertile and ambitious, they dominate in population and are building a huge nation among themselves. Possessing outstanding physical and intellectual capacity and flexibility, humans have fair swordsmanship and mastery of magic. About 50% of the adventurer population are humans.

  • Dwarves: Minuscule human-like creatures who mainly live in caves and rock holes. They have a small but very strong body and are good at warrior abilities. Also a very dexterous race, dwarves possess a high level of skill and culture in blacksmithing and craftsmanship. They are also a very religious race. About 35% of the adventurer population are occupied by dwarves.

  • Elves: Quintessential, human-outliving inhabitants of forested areas. They do not tread far from the forest; those who do are heavily frowned upon by the rest. Inherently blessed with ample magical powers and bow-handling skills, the majority of elves are top-tier sorcerers and archers. Because they refuse to occupy outside of their comfort zone, elves account for only about 15% of the adventurer population。

2. Classes:

  • Swordsman: a close-quarters combat expert and the main attacker of the team, who plays the leading role in fighting monsters. A thrill-seeker by nature, the swordsman is a born team leader, unabashedly demonstrating his skills throughout miscellaneous circumstances in an exploration.

  • KnightThe main defender of the team who shields his fellow comrades from the attack of monsters at the beginning of a quest. Exhibiting a sturdy body and unbreakable spirit, the knight provides his team with stability, as well as disciplinarily coordinates his team to perform group missions efficiently.

  • Archer: simultaneously in charge of long-distance combats (using his bows) and adventure guidance (using his bodily lightness and survival skills). The archer has a keen eye for spotting loopholes on untrodden steep pathways, which is superbly useful in finding unexplored ruins, and the archery skills that complement the swordsman’s attacks in a battle.

  • Thiefdirectly obtains found treasures from ruins, historical sites, sunken ships, etc. and carries out authorized operations against hostile nations. By utilizing his observance, a thief identifies hidden traps and treasure chests, and skillfully unearths them to finally acquire the antiquities in question.

  • Sorcerer: an oracle of wizardry. Being a scholar by nature, a sorcerer intuitively detects hidden scrolls and easily decode even the most encrypted inscriptions to help the team advances

  • Priest: The mortal frontman of God, who gives adventurers his blessing before they dive head-first into danger. Also known as the team’s healer, he provides ailments to the injured and stability to the entire team when unforeseen situations occur. Originally the guardians of Cryptia’s temples, a priest now guards his team during intense battles, as he relies on other adventurers to survive an exploration. As he enhances in experience, a priest will advance in class, becoming a Bishop or a Sage.

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