The Native Tokens

  • CRYPT tokens

Cryptia’s main native token is named CRYPT, with the total supply being limited to 500,000,000 tokens that can be purchased on Binance Smart Chain. We have a hard cap of $3,000,000 — the majority of which will be raised from the private sale round of $2,300,000. The seed round and public sale round will be worth approximately $350,000. The initial market cap will be $1,340,000, with an initial circulating supply of 33,508,000 tokens.

So how do we use them?

CRYPT tokens will be used for transactions at our in-game marketplace and the purchasing of gacha. Due to their limited supply, the inflation of CRYPT token supply in the World of Cryptia is nonexistent.

  • TIA tokens

TIA Token is Cryptia's secondary token. It is obtained from treasure chests, or as a PvP reward. TIA tokens speed up the recovery of injured adventurers, augment training sessions, and pay for Class Change. They can also be used to purchase items that may elevate your exploring experience, or invest in the maintenance of the Guild-managed archaeological sites after the Guild War update.

So how do we use them?

Train Adventurers: investing in adventurer enhancement is another major use of TIA Tokens. Adventurer skills are prominent in improving the success rate of an exploration, as combats are more easily finished and treasure chests more safely unlocked to acquire valuable artifacts. Because each adventurer’s skillset can only be upgraded to a preset extent, character inflation is optimally minimized.

Change class: If you want to change the skill of an adventurer you own, you can use TIA Token to try to inherit your desired skill from other adventurers who own it. By doing so, your original skills will either be switched (should they accept your offer) or upgraded (should they reject your offer). The more you challenge, the more you will be able to achieve stats enhancement and skills inheritance.

Create successors: TIA token is to create a new adventurer who will be the successor of an adventurer from whose blueprint he was created. This makes it possible to keep the qualities and skills of an adventurer while having the freedom to alter his qualities.

Upgrade guild-owned dungeons: in the maintenance of the Guild-managed archaeological sites after the Guild War update. By opening the ruins with a better exploration efficiency to other players, you can earn admission fees, which can be allocated as your guild’s income.

By gaining, strengthening, and selling adventurers, players will be able to easily search ruins and stand victorious in PvPs, thereby acquiring even more TIA tokens and apex NFTs. All in all, the TIA Token plays a central role in the in-game economic cycle of Cryptia.

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