Roadmap: What to Expect

Stage 1 (Early Oct 2021) - IDO, Public Sale and Gacha

We are currently here.

This phase is dedicated to finishing our sale rounds, together with the Gacha concept in the game. As mentioned above, our IDO is planned for the end of this month, and at this moment we are working tirelessly to put our plan to life on time and keep up with our fans' anticipation of our token release. Are you excited?

Stage 2 (Late Oct 2021) - Adventurer Training Dojo and Marketplace

Next, we plan on finalizing our design and development of the Cryptia Adventurer Training Dojo, an arena where warriors unlock and enhance a plethora of special skills, whose levels of efficacy are constantly self-modifying based on the most recent cryptocurrency exchange rate. Our NFT marketplace is also underway now and will be finished in October, so that all Cryptia gamers will be able to buy and sell in-game items as soon as possible.

Stage 3 (Oct 2021) - Dungeon Exploration and Rent Adventurers

The month of November will be devoted to the augmentation of our game. The Cryptia world will be ever more exciting with the introduction of dungeon exploration and rent adventurers, which are among the most anticipated features in the World of Cryptia. These features give players the freedom to expand their team of adventurers, thereby fearlessly take on the multitude of challenges that our game has to offer

Stage 4 (Q1/ 2022) - Team Dungeon Exploration, MVP on iOS and Android

In this stage, the Cryptia team aims at expanding our reach to mobile gaming through the introduction of MVP - a ​​minimum viable product that helps us evaluate users’ interest in our product - on iOS and Android. Gamers will then be able to enjoy our thrilling adventures with the comfort of their phones anytime and anywhere. Dungeon exploration in Cryptia will also be open for teams of players. Call up your gaming buddies and get your gears ready, cause here we come!

Stage 5 (Q2/ 2022) - PvP, Guild War and Full Support for iOS and Android

The final stage in the roadmap will be dedicated to perfecting the last details of the game, and full support for mobile gaming on both operating systems of iOS and Android.

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