Our Community

In Cryptia, nobody gets left behind

Our team believes that there is an intrinsic value to community-building in the gaming world. By incorporating real-world financial trades into its fictional universe, the World of Cryptia unites the metaverse with the universe we already live in.

Cryptia has been designed from the ground up to foster an active and engaged community of investors, players, and aspiring blockchain enthusiasts. The community will work together to shape the direction of Cryptia’s development via Twitter and Telegram. Every day, these groups will be updated with new announcements, mini games, member-exclusive perks, and AMA sessions where our founder answers all of your Cryptia related questions.

Transparency is the foundation of all that we do in the Cryptia community. Once the game is officially released to the public and as our player community expands in size, weekly voting sessions will occur and be publicized across all our social media channels.Through voting, the community will play a key role in shaping the development of the World of Cryptia Cryptia.

We aim to take the gaming world by storm, but we also understand that this quest must be taken step by step. We are committed to continue to develop new and innovative features and content to keep the world of Cryptia fresh and engaging for many years to come! In Cryptia, everyone has the freedom to compete, learn, bond, and grow as a part of a shared gaming metaverse (and hopefully our $CRYPT and $TIA tokens!).

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