Game Storyline

The WORLD OF CRYPTIA is a mystical universe of swordsmanship and wizardry which long ago was ruled by four nations of enchanted elites who ruled over all living creatures and lived in harmony:

  • The Almighty Fire Empire

  • The Glorious Water Kingdom,​

  • The Prosperous Nation of Migrant Fairies

  • The United Confederacy of Mythical Creatures and Demons

As time passed, the four kingdoms that once ruled the world vanished, leaving behind an age of anxiety where countless competing tribes went to war to assert their supremacy. To revive the long lost heritage and wisdom of ancient times, powerful aristocrats began a search for the renowned civilization of magicians. These influential individuals have recruited adventurers to assist them in their quest to seek fame and fortune. Adventures join together in groups to explore the abandoned ruins scattered throughout the World of Cryptia, searching for clues as to the whereabouts of the Four Forgotten Kingdoms.

Deep within these ruins are unique antiquities of tremendous magical power manufactured by ancient enchantments no longer in practice. While these treasures are sound asleep, the ruins in which they are kept are guarded by ageless, deadly monsters and magical creatures created by the lost magical civilizations. Your mission is to strengthen your heroes, to skillfully guide your team through thrilling ancient dangers, and ultimately acquire your well-deserved reward!

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