What is Cryptia

WORLD OF CRYPTIA is a full-scale RPG fantasy game where players take the role of adventurers who travel from one ancient ruin to another to collect treasures that they can use to power up their NFTs, which include heroes, weapons, and dungeons.

Players must overcome grueling, multi-level battles and puzzles, all in the hope to earn rare enchanted antiquities from the long lost civilization of sorcerer elites. By buying and sharing these NFT treasures, weapons, and heroes at the in-game marketplace using $CRYPT and $TIA tokens, players march toward the end goal: to unite the Four Forgotten Kingdoms of the Realm. By building a community of like-minded adventurers

whose voices determine the future of the game as a whole,

whose hands take ownership of unique and rare NFTs,

and whose accounts earn meaningful rewards that can be redeployed throughout the emerging Play to Earn (P2E) economy,

players in the World of Cryptia can bring peace to the unsettled realm disturbed by dragons and other epic creatures.

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